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FinanceGeek.in is a Hindi Finance blog that covers various topics about Personal Finance, Banking, Stock Market, and Finance Education. The blog is designed to help readers with their financial and business decisions by providing them with the latest information on Personal Finance topics. FinanceGeek is managed by a team of professional and expert contributors who provide high quality content in various categories like personal finance, banking, stock market, and more. The blog also strives to offer information about the latest happenings in these fields. The articles are written in a conversational style with a focus on stories and anecdotes to keep the reader engaged. The authors also try to offer fresh insights into investment ideas by researching the markets which give rise to many lucrative opportunities.

It is an Indian blog written by author Munendra Singh (B.Com | M.Com). The blog was started in September 2022. Munendra Singh has been writing about personal finance for over five years now.

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Our Team

  • Munendra Singh : Chief in Blogging, 10 Yr Experience in Finance Field.
  • Preeti Singh : Proficient with Finance and Business Matters with 6 Year of Experience in Finance Content Writing.
  • Amit Dubey: 4 Year of Experience of Blogging, Content Publishing.